2023 Year in Review

From the CEO

At the heart of our organization lies a deep commitment to
making a positive impact on the communities we serve.

I joined the Mount Pleasant Group (MPG) as President & CEO on October 31, 2022. I am very grateful for this unique opportunity to learn from and work alongside a tremendous team of colleagues who are deeply committed to supporting grieving and bereaved families in and around Toronto. After all, that has been the mission of MPG for nearly two centuries.

Looking back at the past fiscal year, a number of projects have been introduced that demonstrate MPG’s commitment to meeting the evolving needs and demands of our consumers. From the establishment of pet burial sections at Meadowvale and Thornton cemeteries to the commencement of a large-scale geothermal cremation niche facility at York Cemetery, MPG has proven itself to be an industry leader and innovator. The evolution of our group sales strategy, a pilot project to improve wayfinding at several of our sites, and the exploration of strategic land acquisitions for future growth will further strengthen our ability to serve.

At the heart of our organization lies a deep commitment to making a positive impact on the communities we serve. This is perhaps best exemplified by our financial support of the hospice and palliative care sector and our contributions to food banks confronting food insecurity across the Greater Toronto Region (GTA). Through our popular Candlelight Memorial Services and Remembrance Day Services, we also honour loved ones who are no longer with us and support those left behind who feel their loss most deeply.

As we have emerged from the challenges of the pandemic, we continue to experience elevated levels of activity. The trust bestowed upon us by our clients, combined with the resilience and commitment of our entire team, have resulted in our strongest year ever. My thanks go out to all of them, and to you.

You might have noticed that this 2023 edition of our Year in Review has undergone some changes. Instead of a multicolour, hard-copy document, this year’s trimmed-down version has been produced in a digital-only format that reduces our carbon footprint and enhances the accessibility of the information it contains. We hope you enjoy reading it.

We are at the crossroads of an exciting time in the bereavement industry. Emerging technologies, changing demographics and shifting perspectives on death and dying are combining to create the promise of change. Through it all, however, MPG remains firmly committed to doing what we have always done: offering space, supports and services to anyone who is experiencing the loss of a loved one, regardless of who they are or what they believe. That is a high calling, and one to which MPG continues to respond with unrivalled care and compassion.

John Monahan
Cemetery President & CEO

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