Serving our communities. Committed to eternity.

Mount Pleasant Group of Cemeteries owns and operates 14 cemeteries and funeral centres across the Greater Toronto Area.

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200 Years of Care.

The Mount Pleasant Group (MPG) history stretches back to the early 19th Century, when Toronto was a small Victorian capital, known as the Town of York. Back then, only Anglicans and Roman Catholics could be buried in an “authorized” cemetery. Everyone else had to be buried outside the city. Then, in 1826, our first cemetery, Potter’s Field, was opened with the mission to accommodate all Toronto families, regardless of religion.

Nearly two centuries later, Toronto is a much different place, but our focus hasn’t changed. We’re still committed to providing our communities with choice, whether it’s natural burial, religious and cultural rituals and whatever it is that makes our clients feel welcome and at home. Today, we operate 10 cemeteries, nine funeral centres and four cremation centres across the Greater Toronto Area.

Our long and storied past brings with it a deep sense of responsibility. To the generations of families with loved ones buried in our cemeteries. To the families and communities who choose to celebrate funerals at one of our funeral centres. To the clergy, health-care providers and palliative care organizations who serve our clients. To the communities where our properties are located and to the many people who visit us just to enjoy a peaceful walk.

We also believe that these responsibilities extend into the future.

At MPG, the concept “forever” informs everything we do. We have cared for our cemeteries for nearly two centuries, and we are committed to caring for them in perpetuity.

MPG was founded to provide the people of Toronto with a choice when they had none. While our scope today has expanded across the GTA, our purpose still remains rooted in our original purpose amidst an ever evolving landscape of customer preferences. Cremation, new ways of memorializing loved ones, natural burial, and new and different religious and cultural rituals are just some of the ways our business is changing. We welcome these changes and remain committed to providing our clients with ever more innovative choices.

For a more detailed account of our beginnings, please watch the following video.